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West Virginia Highlanders
West Virginia Highlanders, Celebrating 60 years

Haunting strains of Scottish military tunes, a remnant of the heritage of the early Appalachian settlers, have come alive and echoed through the West Virginia hills for over 50 years as members of the West Virginia Highlanders bedecked in traditional MacLeod of Lewis dress tartans, have won state and national accolades for their pipe and drum performances.

The music of the band focuses on bagpipes, an ancient instrument comprised of a tartan-covered leather air bag, one bass and two tenor drones, a valved blowpipe used by the piper to introduce air into the bag, and an eight-holed chanter which provides a nine-note scale. The bagpipes carry the sometimes lilting, sometimes plaintive Scottish melodies while bass, tenor, and snare drums set the band's stately military pace as the Highlanders march down parade routes or add their solemn grace to weddings or funeral processions.

The Highlanders' have made notable appearances in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and other locations across the country.

In Loving Memory of:

Roger R. Jones
Roger R. Jones
Snare Drummer, Drum Sergeant, and Business Manager for the West Virginia Highlanders
A devoted member for over 30 years.

Roger passed away on August 31, 2007 after a two year battle with cancer.
He is missed.

West Virginia Highlanders of Davis & Elkins College
P. O. Box 2045
Elkins, West Virginia 26241

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West Virginia Highlanders

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